Non-Active, Activewear


Over the weekend, I decided to wear a Nike outfit I purchased recently. Flat shoes were definitely called for after a long day at work, followed by going to a holiday party. Standing at a high boy table while eating my dinner, dancing, drinking and mingling while wearing heels all night caught up with me. The next day, I thought to myself “this is going to be the weekend of flat shoes, period”. My sister-in-law and I, were recently discussing how we’ve been purchasing active wear lately but not for working out. There have been plenty of fashion looks brought to the fashion forefront with activewear worn with no intentions of being active. Fashion, you got to love it!!! Check out my look, as I usually save activewear for the gym and yoga studio. This is definitely a trend I can sink my hanger in to.


Shirt (grey, exposed zipper pullover): Nike (I can’t find anymore of the same one I have on the website. However, I did find another similar. Check it out below.)



Pants (plum  print, camouflage leggings): Nike ( I found print leggings, but not the pair I have on. Check out the link below)


Shoes (bordeaux, suede siding with fur trim): BCBG (This color is currently out of stock on the website below. If you want, sign up so you can get an alert if they become available.)



This is my take on the activewear trend, have you thought of incorporating this trend? It doesn’t seem like it’s going (wink, wink) anywhere, anytime soon. Do you have a “Style Jones” for a piece? Check out some looks in the link below…


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