The Remix…


1.Skirt (black and white, houndstooth/ ruffle): L.A.M.B. (check out link below)

2.Bolero (black, leather): Arden B. (this store is closed) The skirt in this picture is the same in picture 1

3.Bolero (black, leather): Arden B. (this store is closed, check out a similar style in link)

Jacket (white, oversized): Halogen (This one is no longer available, however check out some similar in link below.)

I want to take the time to talk about remixing your wardrobe.

·         Are you making the most out of the clothes you have?

·         Do you put the same pieces together to accomplish the same look?

Recently, my girlfriends and I were discussing the art of remixing our wardrobe. Some people have no qualms about pairing different articles of clothing together, while others stick with how they have always worn an item. A coworker of mine admitted that he only switches his wardrobe around when he’s desperate. WOW, this would be the opposite for me! The only time I will wear pieces together the same way, is if I have absolutely no time to check myself out to make sure I love the look. Sometimes, the way I see something coming together in my mind, turns out differently when I put it on. If I’m in a rush, I may forgo being adventurous, and wear something I’ve put together before. That’s it!

Check out some looks I’ve posted wearing some of the same pieces different ways. Let me know what you think. Do you have a “Style Jones” for an item I’m wearing? If so, how would you wear it? Stay tuned, I will post more about making the most out of my wardrobe.



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