Rustic Textures

rt2Jacket (rust, leather): Brand unknown (This jacket, believe it or not is from the 70’s. My mother kept this gem intact. It’s missing a button and the belt but I still showed it some love by wearing it. It’s a great vintage piece!!!)

Vest (brown, faux fur):  Love Token (Nordstrom, check out more vests sold in the store in link below)

Top (peach, polyester): Arden B. (store closed)

Pants (peach, cashmere): H&M (check out store in link below)

Shoes (brown): Brian Atwood (check out more shoes by the designer below)

Handbag (purple/ brown metallic): Fendi (check out more handbags by the designer below) do you feel about this look? The jacket is probably the oldest piece I’ve EVER worn. It was fun wearing something that was from the 70’s that was part of my mothers wardrobe. Do you have a “Style Jones” for anything in this look? Please share.

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