Chocolate Birthday Cake



I previously posted Vanilla Birthday Cake, which was what I wore the day after my birthday. This post is for the night of my birthday. I’ve been wanting to try out a restaurant in DC for the longest time and finally did, Coco Sala (check out the link, Yea, yea, I know I’m late (lol) but there are plenty of people out there that still hasn’t experienced getting chocolate wasted. Coco Sala, offers dishes that have an element of chocolate in them. One of my favorite dishes I had that night was the mac and cheese with chocolate covered bacon, DELISH!


This IS a fashion blog, so I wont keep going on and on about the food but let’s just say I would definitely return. The sound and the look of the restaurant gave a slight New York feel, which is always a plus for me as I consider it my second home.


Jacket (black, shaggy): Free People (This one is no longer available, however check out one similar in the link below. The jacket is the same one from blog post Shaggy Stripes.)

Shirt (black, rayon): Trouve'(This shirt is no longer available. Check out more items by Trouve’ in link below. This is a Nordstrom brand.)

Pants (black, sheer lace): Free People (One of my favorite stores, the pants are the same pair from blog post Another Kind of Black Jack.)





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