Come one, Come all, Kimono


Well?? Have you worn one yet?

The weather is gorgeous here in DC, why not wear a beautiful spring inspired floral kimono. There are so many patterns and lengths, so many occasions to wear one. Kimonos are great to wear out on a date or around the house.

Just recently, I went to brunch and wore one on a Sunday afternoon. It was perfect! The sun was bright and the wind was light, a perfect day for my kimono. Plenty of people have dared to wear one but don’t do it because everyone else is. Personally, I couldn’t resist but to put my twist on it. Check out what I wore. Do you have a “Style Jones” for anything in this look? Please share.


Kimono (pink floral, rayon/ silk): Victoria’s Secret

Tank (white, cotton): Free People

Jeans (light blue, denim/ cotton): Versace (Would you believe my friend and I purchased the jeans in high school? We shared them lol! I was the one to keep them for life, I had them distressed about 2 years ago.)

Shoes (neon yellow, suede): Steve Madden

Jewelry (metal): dani keith designs (Check out more from brand in link below.)


Check out some celebrity pics below, which one do you have “Style Jones” for? Please share.




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