Dimensions of Black


Yea… I’m a sucker for all black. So whenever I’m invited to a themed party that requires me to wear all black, I leap at the chance!!! To be honest, I like any party that has a dress code to follow (of course, nothing too strict). People often need guidance, pictures always look better when people look like they’re going to the same event.

Last weekend, a friend and I were invited to an all black party (that was the only requirement). I was so excited to go to a themed party, it’s been a while (lol). Typically, there’s always an all white party to go to this time of year, but none for me thus far. When I style a monochromatic look, I always try to involve different fabrics and dimensions. For example, layering different black pieces on top of each other to show different angles and fabrics.

Like I said earlier, my friend was invited, as well, so you know I had to come through for her and give her a “Style Jones”. To my surprise, both of the focal pieces are Elie Tahari. The label has plenty of sheer influenced pieces right now, which takes any look to a sexy level. Check out what looks I put together for us. Do you like theme parties or do you think they’re overrated/ overdone? Do you have a “Style Jones” for anything in this look? Please share.

My friend Patriece…


Jacket (black, silk): Elie Tahari (Compare how I styled it to the model on line. This adorable jacket is still available at Bloomingdales.)


Bralette (black, lace): Wacoal


Leggings, high waisted  (black, spandex): Zara (These aren’t available anymore. Check out others in the link below.)


Booties (black, lace): Betsey Johnson


What I decided to wear…


Jacket (black, silk): Elie Tahari (Compare how I styled it to the model on line. This adorable jacket is still available at Bloomingdales.)


Bodysuit (black, sheer nylon): American Apparel (I wish I purchased this in other colors- it’s great for layering!)


Shorts (black, faux leather): Urban Outfitter

Socks (black, fishnet): Amazon


Shoes (black, leather): Jessica Simpson











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