Flower Bomb

Yea, yea, yea… so we all know spring is typically the time of year where there are plenty of floral pattern fabrics popping up in clothing (refer to my last post…). Surprisingly, floral bomber jackets (sheer/ mesh) have been extremely popular.

Check out previous blog post Dimensions of Black for details.

Check out previous blog post Spring Butterfly for details.

Jacket (white/ gold, nylon/ polyester): T Tahari (Compare how I styled it to the model on line. This adorable jacket is still available at Lord & Taylor.)

Bodysuit (nude, nylon/ spandex): Spanx (This is just shape wear I chose to wear as a bodysuit.)


Shorts (blue, denim): Eddie Bauer (These pair of shorts use to be a pair of jeans. I made them into distressed shorts about 10 years ago. I’ve had them close to 20 yearssssssssss WOW!)

Sandal (snakeprint, leather): Nine West

Floral bomber jackets are very trendy, so I’m not sure if this will stick around next spring. However, I enjoy styling clients in them! I have a couple myself. I have a floral leather bomber in a previous blog post, Spring Butterfly (check it out if you haven’t yet). The floral bomber jacket I have on in this particular post is mesh and more feminine than the leather bomber worn previously. This bomber could be paired with a dress, skirt, or a pair of jeans. It’s so soft, pairing it with another pattern wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Do you have a “Style Jones” for anything in these looks? Please share.

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