Why K(not) Scarf


I always liked wearing scarves!! However, when I realized that placing a scarf a certain way, I could skip wearing a particular undergarment (wink, wink). My “like” turned into a true obsession. I have over 20, which to some may not be that many, but I’m sure there’s a woman reading this thinking my number is a bit obsessive. Grant it, some women are so well endowed, even a scarf couldn’t hide their bosom (sorry ladies).


This post is just to remind you of what you have in your closet!! Make everything work for YOU-even your scarves. I recently had to select clothes to wear, so I could post some cools things for my blog. In the midst of grabbing clothes, I saw a scarf!! I thought, why not a scarf!?!? There are sooooo many ways to wear them. By the time you factor in the different ways to tie and what shoes, etc. to wear with it, the choices are pretty close to infinite.


Scarf (tan/ snake print, cotton/ polyester): I Am (This store is in Tysons Corner Center. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a website for the store.)


Belt (tan with stones, elastic): BCBG (This belt is stretchy and also adjusts, which means it could be used multiple ways. Check out more stretch belts in the link below.)


Jeans (white, denim): Joe’s Jeans (Check out more jeans in link below.)


Sandals (camel): Stuart Weitzman (Check out more shoes in link below.)



Do you have a “Style Jones” for anything in this look? Please share.


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