Wait, Wait, White

How many of you out there are waiting for Memorial day to wear your white jeans? Just to be clear, I am not!!! I wear white all year. White is such a classic color-just as multifaceted as black. It’s an old school rule, not to wear white before Memorial day and after Labor day. The rule has been deemed as dead, but many still follow it. I believe you can wear ANY color ANY time of the year-it’s all about HOW you wear it. What about you-do you still follow the old school rule with regards to wearing white?



Jeans (white, denim): Burberry (Check out more jeans in link below.)


Check out previous blog post Why K(not) Scarf for details.

Do you have a “Style Jones” for anything in these looks? Please share.


One thought on “Wait, Wait, White

  1. Nice spring look. I tend to be “ol school” and only wear white when paired with black before Memorial Day, but that all may change…I love the jacket-even though it’s green-pops nicely with the yellow sandals ;-D


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