Theme Supreme


First, I apologize for being away for nearly a month. OMG!! TMJ really had me down for a moment. If you care to know what it is, check it out.

Now, back to fashion!!! I love a party with a theme-always a favorite of mine. A theme party has a common ground for people to begin with when it comes to attire. However, everyone gets to put in THEIR flare when it comes to style.

For example, my husband and I had a theme wedding (black and white). We loved it!! The pictures came out great-everyone looked unified as one. This time of the year, all white parties are very popular. Even though this type of party has been done a million times, it’s still one of my favorites. When you see a crowd of people wearing all white, it gives me a feeling of opulence and luxury. The same goes for an all black party-gives a very chic and elegant feel. Check out some pictures from an all white party my husband and I attended last year.

Just last month, I had the pleasure of styling Ms. Yasmin Radbod for the grand opening of her pop up shop. The theme was Mother Nature, and surprisingly I’ve never attended one yet. Not only was the grand opening theme Mother Nature, but it was for females only!! A friend of mine was going to go with me, but she felt ill. Instead of going alone, I figured I would take my mom (Mother Nature, duh!!). She had a great time, the party was filled with sporadic entertainment, models and hola hoopers galore. The event space features businesses run only by women-talk about GIRL POWER. Check out the website for the pop up shop in the link below.

Initially, I picked some Mother Nature looks for Ms. Yasmin Radbod, but then she proceeded to inform me her breasts MUST be out. WOW! That was a new one for me, however, I was very excited because it was so different from any other client I’ve ever had. I welcomed the challenge, check out what I selected for her to wear. She was definitely MOTHER NATURE!!!


Top (burgundy, sequins): Free People (This top is listed on the website as a slip. Check out more colors in the link below.)

Dress (burgundy, rayon): Free People (We adjusted the tie in the back so her breasts could be exposed. Check out more colors in link below.)



Dress (burgundy, rayon): Free People (This dress is out of stock. Check out stock picture in link below.)



 Do you have a “Style Jones” for anything in this look? Please share.


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