Spring Recoiling

I’m finally back to blogging, sorry for the wait. As I type now, I still have very little feeling in my right hand but I’m pushing through. Last spring (2017), I found out I was pregnant and I became very ill. Although I wanted to post on my blog, I couldn’t muster up the energy to do so. This look is something I love to do often, long blouse with shorts. This is a Flashback Friday pic of a look I did, hence why this post is named Spring Recoiling .My legs typically don’t get cold as fast as my arms and shoulders. This is a look I like to do on spring days that still have some coolness in the air. What are your favorite “go to” items for a spring look? Do you have a “Style Jones” for anything in this look? Please share.

Blouse (mustard yellow, polyester): Trouve’ (Check out this Nordstrom brand in link below.)


Statement necklace (multicolor): DookwJewelry (Check out this local Maryland, DC, Virginia designer pieces in link below. I was able to purchase a few things from him at The C.A.T.WALK Boutique. This store is fabulous, filled with unique fashions!)



Shorts (light blue, denim): Eddie Bauer (Would you believe these were jeans revamped to shorts. I’ve had them since middle school, yes…the 90’s. They use to be my baggy jeans for school.)

Sandals (black, leather platform): Nine West (I love the detail of this shoe! These are the same shoes in my previous blog post Theme Supreme.)


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