F-IT, Fendi Fun

Many people have been displaying F’s… the Fendi F  that is. The recent logo admiration made me wonder about mine. I have a few Fendi Zucca print pieces myself, such as sunglasses, a handbag and rain boots (I plan to consign soon, look out for those!). I like to think, I typically don’t look like a walking billboard but realized most of my Fendi fashions sport the trendy F all over. I recently liked an instagram post that read, Most people like labels not fashion. I am guilty myself of liking certain labels “just because”, however there are certain labels I see and run because of who the company ambassador is. Having said that, I must LOVE whatever I wear no matter the label.

Recently, I took my daughter to a doctor appointment and wore my Fendi F logo (zucca) sneakers. Being a new mom, I needed something to throw on as my feet are still swollen and wanted to join in the Fendi Fun!

One of my favorite Fendi pieces I own is an iridescent logo handbag. I’ve shown the bag in a previous blog post, Rustic Textures(March 2017). Check out this look below!


Celebs have been sporting the F-IT look recently, check it out!

Do you have a “Style Jones” to wear logos, or do you think it’s tacky? What are some of your favorite logos to wear? Please share.

Monica Brown/ Marlo Hampton

Jhene Aiko/ Nicki Minaj

Bella Hadid/ Kim Kardashian-West

Draya Michele


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