Hey, Style Jones Supporters! This will be the first Monday of celebrating a “style moment”. Grant it, I celebrate style each day but I wanted to choose a particular day to focus on. Many times, Monday isn’t celebrated. Sadly, there are many people not fulfilling their destiny and doing a job they don’t want to do. Unfortunately, Monday reminds people they’re going back to a job that’s unfulfilling. Personally, I’ve had amazing things happen in my life on a Monday. I got married, had my daughter and even started this blog all on a Monday (not on the same one lol).

Compliment Movement Monday (CoMoMonday), will be a day to spotlight a particular “style moment”. It may be an item somebody wore a particular way or a new trend I’m digging. This is just a positive way of spotlighting something pertaining to style, on a weekday that isn’t popular. Please feel free to let me know what you think should be spotlighted on CoMoMonday, you never know it could be you.

Check out some looks for Style Jones’ first CoMoMonday, let me know what you think. This is Solange for Dazed Magazine. Do you have a “Style Jones” for anything?

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