Back to Black

Exactly a year ago, I made a blog post Dimensions of Black(check it out).

This post, to this day has the most views. I figured I would celebrate that by creating another all black look. Some people think black is a boring, drab, depressing color to wear. However, I think quite the contrary! Wearing black can be very chic, polished and can even slenderize your size if that’s what your trying to achieve.

I’m currently still trying to lose some baby weight I gained carrying my baby girl. I’ve been wearing black because it’s the easiest to camouflage an ill fitting item, as many of my pieces don’t fit the same right now. Check out another “all black” look I did below.


Sheer top (black): Arden B. (store has been closed)

Bodysuit (black): Yummie by Heather Thomson (This is the same bodysuit I wore in Feeling Blue (in a different color). If you don’t have one, get one. They can be worn sooooooooo many different ways. I definitely recommend this one. Check out the link below.

Strapless body dress, worn as a skirt (black): Arden B. (store has been closed)

Wide belt (black): Arden B. (store has been closed)


Skirt, sheer overlay (black): Only Hearts Lingerie (Check out more from brand in link below)

Do you have a “Style Jones” for wearing black? Why do you or don’t you like wearing all black? Please share.



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