Sultry Savage

Well, Rihanna has jumped in another lane. Watch out!!! Sis is coming for ALL your coins. Just 8 months ago, she came out with her makeup line (Fenty Beauty). Funny, as much I’m into makeup I still haven’t snagged anything. Every time I tried to get  highlighter “trophy wife” it was sold out. I kinda gave up, outta site outta mind. However, now that I brought it up I just may try again.

Now, the pop princess has launched a lingerie line (Savage X Fenty). She definitely isn’t the first celebrity to do this, but she may have the most successful line. Only time will tell! Given she is often celebrated for her fashion and sexuality, I think it was a smart business choice. There are a few pieces I saw that caught my eye. The pieces I chose, are all items that can be worn in public even if your modest (if layered of course). Tell me what you think!

Do you have a “Style Jones” for anything in these looks? Please share.


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