Combo Colors

Last weekend, I attended a birthday party. It was themed and if you follow my blog, you know I LOVE a theme (Theme Supreme). All guests were to wear my favorite color combo, black and white!

The Birthday Girl (Nakita) and I

You can never go wrong with black and white. The combo is classic, clean and chic! Some may think its an easy/ lazy way out but I beg to differ. When wearing black and white, I think it’s a great time to do something you wouldn’t do otherwise. For example, you probably wouldn’t wear a pink faux vest. However, you may be willing to wear a white one (a color that isn’t as dramatic).

Vest (black and white, faux fur): BCBGeneration

Skirt (cream, faux leather): Zara

Top (blak, faux leather): Arden B. (Closed)


I’ve added a pic of Michelle Obama on the cover of Elle Magazine to this post, this is a great example of doing something dramatic with classic colors.


I’m not one to wear an item one time. Check out how I wore this vest on other occasions (No Red, No Green)!


My Mom and I

Check out what I decided to wear. Do you have a “Style Jones” for anything in this look? Please share.



6 thoughts on “Combo Colors

  1. I guess I can’t tease my mom anymore about not having enough colors in her wardrobe! She always has so much black. But you make a good point – you can really still make a dramatic statement with classic colors ❤


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