Greetings in the name of Fashion! My name is Rachel Jones, and I am a fashion enthusiast. I currently work for a law firm in the nation’s capital, and my day job has NOTHING to do with fashion. Outside of my “9 to 5”, fashion is the ultimate escape to preserve my sanity. You may catch me at a fashion show, shopping for a client or attending a designer trunk show.

This blog is to share my fashion journey. My belief is fashion should evoke a feeling, mostly for the person wearing the garments. If you feel good wearing it, then by all means wear it with STYLE!! We all know even though your style should be something YOU love, others may have an attraction towards it; I call that having a “Style Jones”. I am often inspired by others’ fashion sense. Personally, I get a “Style Jones” from the fashion sense of Solange Knowles, Chole Sevigny, Rihanna, Marjorie Harvey, and Blake Lively to name a few. My page is a positive zone only; feel free to share your thoughts. Enjoy the ever evolving fashion journey with me; catch a “Style Jones”!!