Yummy, Spring Pair

Last week, I made a post about one of my favorite spring pairings (blouse and shorts). Another great spring pairing is outerwear and shorts. This look is great for a night out or a daytime party. We all know spring isn’t the best time to eat a pear! This look is something you can definitely “sink your teeth in”. Check it out!

Do you have a “Style Jones” for anything in this look? Please share.

Blazer (white, oversized): Halogen (This one is no longer available, however check out some similar in link below.)


The same blazer was worn in a previous blog post, Black Bow Beauty. Check out this look!

Crop top (black, leather): Urban Outfitters (This a great store to find pieces with more of an edge.)


Shorts (light blue, denim): Eddie Bauer (These are the same shorts worn in the previous blog Spring Recoiling.)


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